Thursday, September 25, 2014

Non-Default Children T-shirts for the Sims 4

         Since there was a cutesy overload lately, I've decided to make something more grungy and boyish. There are three camouflage T-shirts and three striped long sleeved T-shirts. All non-default and sor of mangy looking.
The .rar files consist of separate package files and a swatch. As usually all clothes have proper seams, textures, folds and shadows. 
More info and download links after the jump.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nod-Default Children Dresses for the Sims 4

Hey everyone!
It's so cold and rainy outside, but it's always summer in the Sims 4. Oh how I miss thee Seasons EP! There are six two-toned summer dresses, all non-default. As usually all clothes have proper seams, textures, folds and shadows. There is a swatch and six separate packages in the .rar file. 
 More info and download after the jump.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Non-Default Wedding Gowns for the Sims 4

Today I bring you several simple wedding gowns for the Sims 4. The textures are frankensteined from a default Maxis one and a lace image from Google. There are two variations of the dress - one is completely covered in lace and another only has lace bodice and plain skirt. There are six recolours of each dress. The recolours are kind of subtle, but look good with different skintones.
More info and download links after the jump.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More Non-Default Children Clothes for the Sims 4

           Yet another set for little simmies. I really like how kids are animated in the Sims 4 and enjoy making more versatile clothes for them. I bring you a set of six unisex sweaters and a set of six sweatshirts for girls. The .rar file consists of separate package files and a swatch. As usually all clothes have proper seams, textures, folds and shadows. 
More info and download links after the jump.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Non-Default Children Clothes and Shoes for the Sims 4

it seems that is not that easy to stop making clothes. I've done some more recolours. There are eight recolours of zipped hoodie - it's valid both for male and female children and six bright dotted flats for both adult female and children. More info and download after the jump.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

More Non-Default Clothes for the Sims 4

    Another batch of  casual clothes for the Sims 4.
This time there are four summer maxi dresses with chevron pattern and two draped cocktail dresses. As usually all clothes have proper seams, textures, folds and shadows. Download everything as a single or separate files after the jump.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Two Tatoo Sleeve T-shirts for the Sims 4

        Just what the title says two t-shirts with long sleeves for your female sims. As usually, images and textures used are taken from free sites and frankensteined in graphic editor. Files don't conflict with each other and with the rest of cc I have installed. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Sims 4 Non Default Clothes

Long time to see!
      Recently I've got my hands on the Sims 4. I must say I love the sims themselves, a very nice blend between the Sims 2 and the Sims 3 sims. If only there was a customizable content rich sandbox game to go with them.
       Anyway, I couldn't resist to try creating for this game. This is the first casual clothes set I present to you. All items are non default and work nicely with each other. I tried to stick to Maxis match style, so no slapped on photo-skinned monstrosities, all clothes have proper seams, textures, folds and pleats.
You can download everything as a single or separate files after the jump.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Victorian Tiles Set Part I

           My photo studio is developing quite nicely, but it became apparent that it needs some authentic victorian tiles. The textures are, I believe from this site. There are seven sets, each consists of three pieces - side, corner and tile itself. There are also complimentary grungy tile sets as well, to create a worn abandoned look. The swatch and download links are after the jump.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Washi Paneling Set

         Since my sims started taking vacations in the Sims 2, I started to customize destinations. I began to work on Takemizu Village and found out that the game severely lacks walls to build Japanese like houses. That's how this set appeared - I've included six sets of painted panels (each is made up of for complimenting walls) and sixteen plainer walls to be used for house interior as for exterior (both cleaner and grungy looking version).

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ö - A Tiny World for Midnight Sun Challenge

               This an island on a tiny map, created for Midnight Sun challenge, you can read about it on MTS. According to the rules the world is supposed to be even smaller, but I think it will feel to claustrophobic to play 10X10 lot with water around, so I expanded it a little bit. It's still quite deserted and isolated.
              Ö is on a tiniest map possible, there are two lots - one residential 20X20 and beach 30X40. There is a small plant on residential lot, so the game would consider it a house, allowing your sims to move there right away, just choose move into unfurnished house and you'll end up on empty lot. The beach lot has a boat landing, seashell land spawner and a community firepit. There are several base game fish, rock and seed spawners. The world is of cause unpopulated and I suggest nraas Register and Traveler to get rid of tourists, pets and paparazzi and to ensure that ugly Weather Stone (Supernatural and Seasons installed) will not spawn every time you exit buy mode.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

12 Veranks's Movie Backdrop Recolours

      I wanted to set up a photo studio as a small business for one of my families. There is some decorative equipment available to download, but the backdrops are severely lacking. So, I've got to work and recoloured Veranka's Movie Backdrop from the Sims 3 SP9. The rest of the set and lots more awesome conversions can be downloaded from verounique LJ.
       I've done seven vintage backdrops - most images are from this museum, the rest are random Google finds and five sci-fi ones - the images belong to the very talented Tae Young Choi. You can find the backdrop in the buy mode, decor miscellaneous section, it costs 700 simoleans in game.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Zombie Aftermath Challenge Rules and Tidbits


          Since the Sims 4 is most definitely not going to be the game I want to play, I decided to give the Sims 3 one more chance. I am really engrossed in playing cannibalcupcake's Zombie Aftermath Challenge (thank you tumblr people, especially napoleonfrost for inspiring stories), I find it very entertaining and at the same time easy enough to hold my attention span. I'm posting a set of modified rules, taking into account new EPs content, ideas I've gathered from Tumblr and my nerdy gameplay style. The original rules can be found here and slightly updated version here. Of cause all credit goes to CannibalCupcake. Read more after the jump. Beware, the text is quite lengthy!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Aspen Bay Resort


           This is a resort lot for Aspen Islands world, I've been writing about earlier. Aspen Bay Resort is a small but cozy hotel with two VIP rooms, a gym, pool, wedding arch, resort rabbithole, dining room and a bar. It also has a nice flat beach, perfect for sunbathing and sandcastles. The lot is 40x50 and is partially submerged in water, so I'm not sure how it will look in other worlds, I think there might be problems with stilt foundation.  More screenshots and download link is after the jump.

Friday, June 6, 2014


 Hello everyone!
 Dropped by to say that I updated CAW Resources page with some more goodies to download and I will add some more tomorrow. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Aspen Islands Revisited!

               This world has changed substantially since I last uploaded it on MTS. Firstly, I've resculpted and repainted most of the map and added distant terrain. Some lots changed places, some were merged and a lot more were added. This is supposed to be a home world, all rabbitholes and most community lots are included. There is a fully furnished cheap motel for those who want to use it with NRaas Traveler, marked No Visitors Allowed by default. Since most errors and lag was caused by Resort lots I left it that way, feel free to change it back. I will upload one more, rather expensive and respectable resort soon, no worries. 
           The map is roughly divided into an old town area, industrial district and uneventful suburban area, all are connected with roads. There are also three subway stations to let sims with no cars travel faster. There are also phone booths from Supernatural on most community lots. All parks and fishing spots feature various plants, I suggest to disable zombies and horses if you want it to stay that way. Spawners are situated on and off lots, some rare spawners are in far away spots, you might use Collectors Helper to locate them. 
             Most apartments don't have NPC doors, since it was also one of the most common reasons for lag and shuttering.You can easily enable them if you are simply dying for babysitter or mixologist as a neighbour. I think that's it, further details, screenshots and important info continues after the jump.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Sims 2 vs The Sims 3 (Part II)

You can read the first part of my ranty review/thoughts here.
          Building: I am not an avid builder and I do not spend hours playing with CFE. From my point of view it is difficult to create cohesive routable buildings in both games, but I like the Sims 3 CAST and tomb building tools a lot. Though I wish it was as easy to precisely sculpt terrain as it was in the Sims 2 and both games would benefit greatly with complimentary themed sets of doors and windows.
         Gameplay: Well, what can I write in this paragraph, I'm completely biased towards the Sims 2. Firstly, it suits my play style better and secondly it gives me more options to play this or that scenario I have in mind. For example, I can buy groceries in town or use the telephone, I can own a restaurant or I can use one to have a great date or family outing. I like how characters interact and act on community lots according to their personalities, and that there are no long pauses between animations as in the Sims 3 case. Meaningful long-lasting memories and sane attraction system are also a blessing, they do add depth to the characters. If there was an option to roam the map freely, visit neighbours, sculpt bodies and organize social events on community lots, it would've been a perfect game for me.
        The Sims 3, on the other hand, is more restrictive, shallow and kid safe, plus I still cannot get over the fact that bistros and stores are "rabbitholes". What sane person would read text about the great time their sims are having in said bistro instead of playing it? The chances something bad happens in this game are non-existent and it has a very low difficulty level. I have yet to see a meteor and my single sim can go from empty lot to beautiful upper middle class home in a week. Overall I believe that if the Sims 3 base game would have been stable and better thought out from the start, it would work with expansions better and allow developers to introduce new and much more intricate systems, such as apartments or managing businesses. This game had a lot of great ideas - such as horses and minor pets, houseboats and diving lots, entertainment career and many more. Sadly, the execution is far from great and the bugs are never addressed properly. There are a lot of scripted events that player simply cannot avoid, for example the curfew, the reaction to seing a plumbbot or a ghost or the instant reaction to cheating. All this, plus gradual breakage of save files, poor animations and countless errors make the game unplayable for me. Yes, the visuals are beautiful and picturesque, the open world seems unrestricted and full of opportunities, but as the result you get broken lighting and empty nightclubs. This whole game seems like smoke and mirrors to me.
           So, what do I think so far about the Sims 4 we'll get this autumn? I believe it will be more like the Sims 3 then the Sims 2 in it's execution and game play depth. I think we'll lose more old and time tested features for the sake of gimmicks and online stuff. I do like how the sims themselves look and move, I don't even mind the plastic hair that much, but I greatly dislike the general brightness, bloom, proportions and fakeness of the neighbourhood and a lot of things mentioned in previews and articles bother me (car animations, neighbourhood backgrounds, unlocking content etc.). I have yet to see what can overweigh both the Sims 2 and the Sims 3 that I already own.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Is it Finally Done?

     It seems I work on Aspen Islands world for ages and ages - as soon as I get all errors fixed, routing polished and update lots the new patch comes out and breaks this or that or adds something new. Lets' hope this one works in the long run. I think I'll release it in a couple of days.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Sims 2 vs The Sims 3 (Part I)

           So, it seems that The Sims 3 series has finally come to an end, as I don't see the Store team bringing any substantial game play innovations. Well, maybe they'll still manage to break something else with one more small insignificant patch, actually it will not be surprising at all. Anyway I wanted to somehow sum up both iterations from my player's perspective, after all this topic was and still is debated and it will help me to make up my mind about the upcoming The Sims 4. Since there will be no more expansions or stuff packs it is safe to compare both. 
             I've witnessed  the advertizing of both and bought The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 base games as soon as they appeared on the market and I must say that leaving aside the unfortunate the Sims 2 trailer which turned nothing like the game actually was the whole the Sims 3 marketing companion was highly untruthful and over-hyped. Does anyone remember how many times producers tooted impressive AI and "tons of impressive trait specific new interactions" giving "Steal the candy from a baby" as an example? Well, turned out there are only several really unique ones, the rest is marketing fluff and text. Moreover the Sims 2 base game was much more stable then the Sims 3 one from the get go. I've never seen so many patches for an offline game before in my life, furthermore I've never seen so may patches that break previous patches once again or take away game functionality (for example reclaiming items from the junkyard).
          Create-A-Sim: As for me, from the point of view of genetics, sim's character and face sculpting in the Sims 2 is better - the genetics actually work, you can see the traits of the parents in the children and grandchildren, character points paired with aspirations add consistency and make it possible to create sims with diverse and distinct personalities, enabling attractions. On the other hand traits in the Sims 3 seem superficial and shallow, you really cannot fully describe a personality with something like "Loves to swim" or "Loves Cold", sims can't be compared using some sort of similar parameters hence attraction system is awful. As a result you get a bunch of sims, that act and react absolutely the same. Face sculpting tools, default textures and templates have their drawbacks and strong points in both games.
         Skin sliders and advance bodysculpting are definitely a selling points of the Sims 3. Not to forget the awesome CAST, that enabled countless haircolours and clothing items recolours without resorting to external programs. On the other hand CAST slowed the game down considerably and ruined genetics, clothing textured look flat and shiny due to lack of small details and shadowing. Thanks to general art style and better animations the Sims 2 sims overall seem more believable, I tend to sympathize and remember them, while the Sims 3 sims, even with better customization and different body shapes seem disposable dummies.

         Neighbourhood and World Creation: In game town editor is better in the Sims 2, though it doesn't let you to change terrain without cheats it doesn't break the save when used. If you add or move too many lots in the Sims 3 you'll eventually break the routing, making the save unstable.
       I am not afraid of CAW and love it dearly in spite of it's flaws and bugs, so for me neighbourhood creation and environment visuals are definitely better in the Sims 3. In fact it's the only reason I still play it. I just love to come up with an idea, create a world with some character and watch how sims inhabit it and progress. Well, the last part is almost impossible with in game Story Progression, but I'll get to it in Gameplay abstract in the next part of my review.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Sims in Paris Living room 7 Set Recolours

         Hello! This is the combined post for my SiP Living Room 7 set recolours - a couch, an armchair and a cabinet. All meshes are included in the .rar file, according to Sims in Paris upload policy.  You can get the whole original set here.

       Nine contemporary and vibrant Sims in Paris sofa recolours from Living Room 7 Set. It's one of my favourite custom couches - it's versatile, comfortable and relatively cheap.
There are nine recolours included in the set, both cushions and sofa part, and a swatch image. By the way you can mix and match most cushions and sofa bases, most of them work together really well.
      The sofa is called sip living 7 -sofa- in game and you can find it under comfort/sofas & loveseats category in buy mode, the price is 650 simoleans. 

        The complimentary armchair recolours. It was rather difficult to find matching armchairs, so I had to retexture these as well.  Textures and colours are the same I used for couches. You can find them under comfort/sofas & loveseats category in buy mode.

Six cabinet recolours from the same set, with different handles. Textures were found with Google some time ago, cannot find the source now. You can find them under surfaces/nightstands category in buy mode.

Various Paintings Part II

         Second part of my rather vast paintings collection. All Maxis meshes in this post as well , but, unfortunately not from the base game.

A small collection of graphic and cheerful posters, mostly by Jessica Das from this site.There are six paintings in the .rar file, all named accordingly and a swatch.

  • 'Grilled Cheese' by Renn Tumush from Nightlife;
  • CEP 

       One of my households consists of two artisan grannies, one of them grows various produce and another creates art in all forms - paintings, sculptures, you name it. Recently she started to sew as well, so I had to whip up several quilts to decorate her workroom. I present seven large quilts, images courtesy to google search, they look really nice in modern interiors as well. As usually all in one .rar, enumerated and named.


  • 'Untitled' by Len Bledgemann from Nightlife;
  • CEP.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Various Paintings Part I

           I've accumulated a bunch of paintings for my the Sims 2 game over time. I think it's the best way to change an interior quickly, plus one of my favourite sims runs an art gallery which requires new art all the time. Some of these paintings have already been uploaded on my simblr, some are new. They all use Maxis meshes. 

 Cul-de-sac Prints has a new collection of bold graphic prints. Now your sims can enjoy them too. There are 12 posters, as you can see, on Collectible Poster mesh from Bon Voyage. As usually, all are in separate packages, swatch image is included in the .rar.

  • Collectible Poster mesh from Bon Voyage;
  • CEP. 

English artist Natasha Newton creates elegant and incredibly beautiful pieces. My sims certainly admire them. Now yours can too! :)
Ten paintings on ‘Transcendence’ mesh, that, I believe, is from the base game. As usually - separate packages with previews.

  •  Transcendence mesh from a base game;
  • CEP. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Long time to see!
I've just remembered about this blog and decided to move my various Tumblr and MTS uploads here just in case. So, from now on there's the Sims 2 section as well, watch out for tags.