Saturday, June 14, 2014

Aspen Bay Resort


           This is a resort lot for Aspen Islands world, I've been writing about earlier. Aspen Bay Resort is a small but cozy hotel with two VIP rooms, a gym, pool, wedding arch, resort rabbithole, dining room and a bar. It also has a nice flat beach, perfect for sunbathing and sandcastles. The lot is 40x50 and is partially submerged in water, so I'm not sure how it will look in other worlds, I think there might be problems with stilt foundation.  More screenshots and download link is after the jump.

Friday, June 6, 2014


 Hello everyone!
 Dropped by to say that I updated CAW Resources page with some more goodies to download and I will add some more tomorrow. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Aspen Islands Revisited!

               This world has changed substantially since I last uploaded it on MTS. Firstly, I've resculpted and repainted most of the map and added distant terrain. Some lots changed places, some were merged and a lot more were added. This is supposed to be a home world, all rabbitholes and most community lots are included. There is a fully furnished cheap motel for those who want to use it with NRaas Traveler, marked No Visitors Allowed by default. Since most errors and lag was caused by Resort lots I left it that way, feel free to change it back. I will upload one more, rather expensive and respectable resort soon, no worries. 
           The map is roughly divided into an old town area, industrial district and uneventful suburban area, all are connected with roads. There are also three subway stations to let sims with no cars travel faster. There are also phone booths from Supernatural on most community lots. All parks and fishing spots feature various plants, I suggest to disable zombies and horses if you want it to stay that way. Spawners are situated on and off lots, some rare spawners are in far away spots, you might use Collectors Helper to locate them. 
             Most apartments don't have NPC doors, since it was also one of the most common reasons for lag and shuttering.You can easily enable them if you are simply dying for babysitter or mixologist as a neighbour. I think that's it, further details, screenshots and important info continues after the jump.