Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Victorian Tiles Set Part I

           My photo studio is developing quite nicely, but it became apparent that it needs some authentic victorian tiles. The textures are, I believe from this site. There are seven sets, each consists of three pieces - side, corner and tile itself. There are also complimentary grungy tile sets as well, to create a worn abandoned look. The swatch and download links are after the jump.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Washi Paneling Set

         Since my sims started taking vacations in the Sims 2, I started to customize destinations. I began to work on Takemizu Village and found out that the game severely lacks walls to build Japanese like houses. That's how this set appeared - I've included six sets of painted panels (each is made up of for complimenting walls) and sixteen plainer walls to be used for house interior as for exterior (both cleaner and grungy looking version).

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ö - A Tiny World for Midnight Sun Challenge

               This an island on a tiny map, created for Midnight Sun challenge, you can read about it on MTS. According to the rules the world is supposed to be even smaller, but I think it will feel to claustrophobic to play 10X10 lot with water around, so I expanded it a little bit. It's still quite deserted and isolated.
              Ö is on a tiniest map possible, there are two lots - one residential 20X20 and beach 30X40. There is a small plant on residential lot, so the game would consider it a house, allowing your sims to move there right away, just choose move into unfurnished house and you'll end up on empty lot. The beach lot has a boat landing, seashell land spawner and a community firepit. There are several base game fish, rock and seed spawners. The world is of cause unpopulated and I suggest nraas Register and Traveler to get rid of tourists, pets and paparazzi and to ensure that ugly Weather Stone (Supernatural and Seasons installed) will not spawn every time you exit buy mode.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

12 Veranks's Movie Backdrop Recolours

      I wanted to set up a photo studio as a small business for one of my families. There is some decorative equipment available to download, but the backdrops are severely lacking. So, I've got to work and recoloured Veranka's Movie Backdrop from the Sims 3 SP9. The rest of the set and lots more awesome conversions can be downloaded from verounique LJ.
       I've done seven vintage backdrops - most images are from this museum, the rest are random Google finds and five sci-fi ones - the images belong to the very talented Tae Young Choi. You can find the backdrop in the buy mode, decor miscellaneous section, it costs 700 simoleans in game.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Zombie Aftermath Challenge Rules and Tidbits


          Since the Sims 4 is most definitely not going to be the game I want to play, I decided to give the Sims 3 one more chance. I am really engrossed in playing cannibalcupcake's Zombie Aftermath Challenge (thank you tumblr people, especially napoleonfrost for inspiring stories), I find it very entertaining and at the same time easy enough to hold my attention span. I'm posting a set of modified rules, taking into account new EPs content, ideas I've gathered from Tumblr and my nerdy gameplay style. The original rules can be found here and slightly updated version here. Of cause all credit goes to CannibalCupcake. Read more after the jump. Beware, the text is quite lengthy!