Thursday, July 3, 2014

12 Veranks's Movie Backdrop Recolours

      I wanted to set up a photo studio as a small business for one of my families. There is some decorative equipment available to download, but the backdrops are severely lacking. So, I've got to work and recoloured Veranka's Movie Backdrop from the Sims 3 SP9. The rest of the set and lots more awesome conversions can be downloaded from verounique LJ.
       I've done seven vintage backdrops - most images are from this museum, the rest are random Google finds and five sci-fi ones - the images belong to the very talented Tae Young Choi. You can find the backdrop in the buy mode, decor miscellaneous section, it costs 700 simoleans in game.

      There are twelve separate files in the .rar, so you can pick and choose, everything is clearly named. Plus there are two swatches, the first with vintage and the second with sci-fi images.


  • Mesh[Veranka]SP09 Movie Backdrop (included in the .rar according to Veranka's TOU);
  • CEP 


  1. These are such a great idea, thank you! Could you check the download link please?

    1. Thanks for letting me know, the link is fixed now. Sorry.)).

  2. They look lovely, but the download link doesn't work :(