Friday, April 18, 2014

Sims in Paris Living room 7 Set Recolours

         Hello! This is the combined post for my SiP Living Room 7 set recolours - a couch, an armchair and a cabinet. All meshes are included in the .rar file, according to Sims in Paris upload policy.  You can get the whole original set here.

       Nine contemporary and vibrant Sims in Paris sofa recolours from Living Room 7 Set. It's one of my favourite custom couches - it's versatile, comfortable and relatively cheap.
There are nine recolours included in the set, both cushions and sofa part, and a swatch image. By the way you can mix and match most cushions and sofa bases, most of them work together really well.
      The sofa is called sip living 7 -sofa- in game and you can find it under comfort/sofas & loveseats category in buy mode, the price is 650 simoleans. 

        The complimentary armchair recolours. It was rather difficult to find matching armchairs, so I had to retexture these as well.  Textures and colours are the same I used for couches. You can find them under comfort/sofas & loveseats category in buy mode.

Six cabinet recolours from the same set, with different handles. Textures were found with Google some time ago, cannot find the source now. You can find them under surfaces/nightstands category in buy mode.

Various Paintings Part II

         Second part of my rather vast paintings collection. All Maxis meshes in this post as well , but, unfortunately not from the base game.

A small collection of graphic and cheerful posters, mostly by Jessica Das from this site.There are six paintings in the .rar file, all named accordingly and a swatch.

  • 'Grilled Cheese' by Renn Tumush from Nightlife;
  • CEP 

       One of my households consists of two artisan grannies, one of them grows various produce and another creates art in all forms - paintings, sculptures, you name it. Recently she started to sew as well, so I had to whip up several quilts to decorate her workroom. I present seven large quilts, images courtesy to google search, they look really nice in modern interiors as well. As usually all in one .rar, enumerated and named.


  • 'Untitled' by Len Bledgemann from Nightlife;
  • CEP.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Various Paintings Part I

           I've accumulated a bunch of paintings for my the Sims 2 game over time. I think it's the best way to change an interior quickly, plus one of my favourite sims runs an art gallery which requires new art all the time. Some of these paintings have already been uploaded on my simblr, some are new. They all use Maxis meshes. 

 Cul-de-sac Prints has a new collection of bold graphic prints. Now your sims can enjoy them too. There are 12 posters, as you can see, on Collectible Poster mesh from Bon Voyage. As usually, all are in separate packages, swatch image is included in the .rar.

  • Collectible Poster mesh from Bon Voyage;
  • CEP. 

English artist Natasha Newton creates elegant and incredibly beautiful pieces. My sims certainly admire them. Now yours can too! :)
Ten paintings on ‘Transcendence’ mesh, that, I believe, is from the base game. As usually - separate packages with previews.

  •  Transcendence mesh from a base game;
  • CEP.