Friday, April 18, 2014

Various Paintings Part II

         Second part of my rather vast paintings collection. All Maxis meshes in this post as well , but, unfortunately not from the base game.

A small collection of graphic and cheerful posters, mostly by Jessica Das from this site.There are six paintings in the .rar file, all named accordingly and a swatch.

  • 'Grilled Cheese' by Renn Tumush from Nightlife;
  • CEP 

       One of my households consists of two artisan grannies, one of them grows various produce and another creates art in all forms - paintings, sculptures, you name it. Recently she started to sew as well, so I had to whip up several quilts to decorate her workroom. I present seven large quilts, images courtesy to google search, they look really nice in modern interiors as well. As usually all in one .rar, enumerated and named.


  • 'Untitled' by Len Bledgemann from Nightlife;
  • CEP.

        These are by talented Tobias Tovera . There are five paintings on the ‘A Stroke’ mesh from Nightlife, all in separate packages with previews, as usually.
  • 'A' Stroke mesh from Nightlife;
  • CEP.

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