Disclaimer and Download Policy

The CC the Sims 2, the Sims 3 and the Sims 4 I provide here is free and I plan to update it with new patches if necessary.
If you want to download from this blog please remember:
  • Do not reupload or host my files elsewhere without my permission;
  • Please give credit with a link when using my work;
  • Do not upload to the Exchange or the Gallery;
  • Do not claim it as your work.
      Though I'm a CC addict, I never include it into my uploads unless creators policy says otherwise and generally try to keep it to minimum. I also check my files with CUSTARD before uploading. All houses and worlds are uploaded in sim3pack format, sims will be uploaded as .sim file, so it won't be necessary to install it through the launcher, other content will come mostly in packages.
       My worlds usually include custom terrain paints and .dds recolours, you don't need to download them separately, they are already added to world file via s3pe Package Editor, I provide matching terrain paints for the build mode as well.
       As for the Sims 2 downloads - I mostly recolour objects and clothes and occasionally build lots. If mesh creators allow their mesh to be included I add it into the recolour folder, providing creator's name and link to their site of cause. Creators of textures and artwork are also credited, if they can be identified, since I have a large folder on my desktop filled with various unidentified images and textures that I acquired throughout the years. All lots are checked with Sims2pack Clean Installer, to avoid stray meshes.
       That's basically it, feel free to contact me via this blog, my MTS profile or my simblr, if you have any questions or problems with my CC. Have fun!
      Please note that this blog is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts and remember that any CC, including the one found in this blog, is downloaded at your own risk.

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