Hello everyone!

         Welcome to my blog. Sometimes I have a strange urge to share my The Sims 3 creations and gaming experience with complete strangers and to save humanity from it I'll keep it concentrated in this blog. You will not find any posts here about my progress in game, stories or challenges. I have a simblr for that matter. This blog is purely for organizing my uploads and sharing them with the wonderful sims community, that supplied me with gigabytes of CC and helped me grow as creator.
         My name is Marie and I have been playing the sims series since the very beginning. Yes, as many others I saw The Sims at my friends house, became hooked instantly and never looked back. I own all The Sims, The Sims 2 and most of The Sims 3 expansions and staff packs. I play other games and have other hobbies, but after a horrible day at work or some other troubles only this sandbox franchise brings me peace of mind. I find these games unique among other simulations and look forward to oncoming The  Sims 4. Though I don't plan to pre order or buy it because of how crude and unfinished The Sims 3 is, I definitely would like to see how this game evolved and how other players will play it.
        Currently I enjoy creating and sharing CC for The Sims 3 and The Sims 2. I mostly build worlds, make recolours and houses and occasionally they need right characters to inhabit them, that's why I create sims as well. You can also find me on Mod The Sims as Miuki  and  read more about my creators policy on this page.
          I won't be able to post on the regular basis due to busy real life schedule, but let's hope you'll find something to your liking here from time to time.

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  1. I wanted to share with you that we will be using TETA as our feature world for our Space theme in our SIFF and Simatograhpy magazine coming out in October. Thank you for creating it!